Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that are asked during a move. It’s important to be fully prepared for a successful relocation if you’re interested in moving yourself or your family.

What are your payment terms?2018-10-15T08:46:42-04:00

We accept payment by electronic check and will provide you with an invoice for your convenience. Read more about our terms and conditions to familiarize yourself.

Are your quotes no obligation?2019-05-31T05:04:30-04:00

Our quotes are fully no obligation and offered in real time. Our mission is to provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Do you offer storage services?2019-05-31T05:05:07-04:00

Yes, our network of recommended carriers offers storage services, in-case your belongings are not yet ready to arrive at the final destination. Contact us for more details.

How much notice do you need?2018-10-15T08:50:23-04:00

We recommend to get the process going as early as possible, so we can coordinate with our movers and put in place all the necessary logistics to ensure a smooth relocation.

Are you fully licensed?2019-05-31T05:06:38-04:00

Yes, we are fully licensed. Here is our information:

DOT No. 3183415
FMCSA No. MC-128440

Benefits of Choosing A Moving Broker

  1. US Household Moving and Storage is the consumer shipper’s agent and advocate. Interstate brokers can educate and guide consumer shippers through the moving process and ensure that an accurate estimate is issued.
  2. An interstate moving broker’s large client base and volume of business allow individual customers to benefit from competitive pricing.
  3. US Household Moving and Storage acts as the consumer shipper’s advocate will research, pre-qualify, and recommend moving companies that are properly licensed and insured.
  4. US Household Moving and Storage is the consumer shipper’s advocate and can act as the liaison with the moving company on issues of pricing, special services, or claims.
  5. An interstate broker’s quality assurance procedures will follow up with customers prior to the scheduled pick up to verify the accuracy of the estimate.
  6. US Household Moving and Storage can arrange and recommend third-party specialty packing service providers.

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