Are you heading to college or university in another state?

Relocating to another city where you’ll be attending school?

Want to get to your belongings safely moved when going away for college?

Dreading the horrible process of sorting, packing and unpacking books, electronics, and all your personal stuff?

At US Household Moving and Storage, we have the solution for your problems. Your essential stuff like books, laptops, documents, and other personal items can be quickly and safely relocated within our recommended movers network. We ship your stuff so smoothly that you don’t have to worry damage or loss of any items. We never mix your belongings with any others.

If you have finished studies or are starting a new course; changing your school or simply relocating, getting help from a professional moving broker is essential. We offer discounted shipping costs for your move within the state as well as for crossing state lines.

How do we proceed?

All you have to do is contact us for a free estimate and hire us to be connected with one of our recommended movers. You can take advantage of our packing services, or have everything ready to go upon our arrival. The experienced movers we work with can visit your place to sort and categorize your stuff. They will tag and pack the things according to their nature.

Your belongings will be loaded into moving trucks and will be en route to their destination. Once there, it will be shifted to temporary storage if needed. Once you’re ready, your things arrive at the final destination and will be unloaded, unpacked, and put into your desired places by the moving teams.

Contact us to save time and effort on your academic relocation. Our recommended interstate movers are ready to assist students and families during this transitional period.


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